Thursday, March 12, 2015

Five Months Till Forty. The Blog is getting an overhaul!

Actually it's more like six months till the big day but I'm currently very influenced by my almost ten year old's obsession with Five Nights at Freddy's and everything 'Five Nights at..." thereafter.  Plus it sounds better.

It is blatantly obvious that blogging most certainly isn't my forte (ha, pun?  Help me out here)  but it's not because there is nothing to say.    If you could somehow stream my thoughts onto a page,  I'd have a millions posts by now.    Actually, maybe that's not such a good idea.

What started as a lifestyle blog took on a life of its own and became primarily a writing and book blog after I released my first novel.  It was great for awhile but very soon all the other parts of my life were pushed aside and when it came time to write about other aspect of what was happening in my life, thoughts, and opinions it just seemed a little too contrived.

So this is the introduction of my overhauled blog.   And what better time than to coincide it with my fortieth year which includes a child starting high school, an overseas trip, some work to the house and garden, and of course more books.

Looking forward to the chat :)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Rafflecopter Giveaway Starts Tonight!

Get an extra surprise on Christmas by entering this exciting contest to win a copy of my novel Flirting with Magick, plus 3 books by other talented authors at my publishing house! Three people will win all 4 ebooks!

The books include:

  •  Pearl Book Award Finalist Seducer Fey by Cullyn Royson

The contest begins at midnight PST on December 11. Three winners will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter and notified on Christmas Day. Good luck!

P.S. If you can't wait, all 4 novels are free to borrow with Kindle Unlimited! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday Sale

While I'm off to vote in state election today, my friends in the US are having their Black Friday Sales. So in honour of Black Friday I decided to put my book on sale. But then I thought, what's more fun than 1 book on sale? How about 8 books on sale?! So, I got together with 7 of my most talented author friends and we created this mega sale. I hope you find at least 1 book on this list you like, and don't forget to shop for friends. All of these books can be purchased from Amazon as a gift.

A Medical Affair by Anne McCarthy Strauss

Is This All There Is? by Patricia Mann

Deadly Secrets by Angel Sefer

The New Ever After by Julie Farley

Flirting With Magick by Leigh Bennett

Seducer Fey by Cullyn Royson

Between Heartbreak and Happiness by Sarka-Jonae Miller

Heiress, P.I. by Amanda

Friday, October 3, 2014

Book Spotlight - Tripped Up Love by Julie Farley

Have just added this one to my kindle and can't wait!  

The one and only Booktrope has published Tripped Up Love, book 1 in The New Ever After Series by Julie Farley! This adorable romantic comedy is about starting over, taking chances and being open to a new happily ever after. The second book, The New Ever After, will be out this Fall.

About Tripped Up Love 

When Heather Meadows loses the only man she’s ever loved, her perfect, ordinary life is turned upside down. The happily ever after her late husband promised disappears in the blink of an eye. As she picks up the pieces of her shattered world and puts on a brave face for her three children, her life becomes the subject of scrutiny and pity from her well-intentioned friends and neighbors who do more harm than good. Life in suburbia is not for the faint of heart.

Little does she know that her world is about to be turned upside down again when one wrong step puts her in the path of a new destiny. Heather finds a reason to smile again, but she wonders how she’ll handle the prying eyes and unspoken judgments of those closest to her.

Tripped Up Love is a story of family, hope, new beginnings, and moving forward one step at a time.

Get to Know Julie

Julie Farley is a contemporary romance author, teacher, mother, and self-proclaimed chai addict. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and a graduate degree in Elementary Education from DePaul University. When she’s not busy writing, you can find Julie chauffeuring her four children around Richmond, Va or teaching preschool to a group of smiling four-year-olds.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Book Spotlight - Arielle Immortal Fury by Lilian Roberts (The Immortal Rapture Series)

I've not yet had the pleasure of reading this series but but I'm looking forward to starting.   I have some catching up to do as the sixth book it out and it looks amazing!  

Arielle Immortal Fury, the long-awaited sixth volume in the Immortal Rapture Series by Lilian Roberts, is finally published! The steamy paranormal romance series follows college co-ed Arielle Lloyd and her immortal fiance Sebastian Gaulle. In the sixth book, Sebastian responds to threats against his beloved, proving that hell hath no fury like an Immortal.

About Arielle Immortal Fury

A memory of love…

On her return to the present from a time-travel journey to eighteenth-century Calais, France, college co-ed Arielle Lloyd anticipates a joyful welcome from her immortal fiancĂ©, Sebastian Gaulle. She is stunned to discover that he doesn’t remember their time together there and wonders, has she lost him forever?

Danger from afar…

As Sebastian tries to shake loose his disturbing memories and solve the enigma of Arielle’s haunting eyes, the Russian Mafia ups the stakes in their deadly game to steal crucial documents from his company. Then an envelope arrives with photos of Arielle. The message is clear: if Sebastian fails to meet their demands, his love will pay the price with her life.

A love across all time…

Sebastian and his associates join forces with Interpol in a race to thwart the Russians’ plans. In the global battle, the Russians have made a serious mistake. They have threatened the beloved of an indestructible immortal, a woman Sebastian only now realizes he has loved across the centuries.

About Lilian Roberts

Lilian Roberts is a corporate engineer. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and their golden retriever. She is an avid reader and loves novels that feature characters draped in passion, mystery, and adventure. She is especially fascinated with the concept of immortality.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Flirting with Magick is Rereleased by Booktrope

I'm very excited to announce that Flirting with Magick has been released by Booktrope with a beautiful new cover and great new blurb.

There’s nothing like a love spell to get Abby Williams out of her rut and over her ex, but when a gorgeous rocker, a cute colleague, and an apologetic ex–boyfriend come knocking Abby wonders if maybe the spell worked a little too well. If she even believes in that stuff.

As emotions run high, secrets are exposed, and feelings change, Abby wonders if flirting with magick is more trouble than it’s worth. But the real question is, do any of these men deserve her heart?

Flirting With Magick is a contemporary romance that proves you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes (coming soon)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Book Spotlight - Arielle Immortal Quickening by Lilian Roberts

The exciting fourth book in the Immortal Rapture series by Lilian Roberts is out now! Arielle Immortal Quickening features more thrills, more magic, and more immortals! The steamy paranormal romance series has captured the attention of the world. The first book, Arielle Immortal Awakening, was voted one of the top 12 paranormal books by an indie author from 2013! Roberts also was named a runner-up in the international MARSocial Author of the Year competition in 2014.

Arielle Immortal Quickening Blurb

A fatal night…
College co-ed Arielle Lloyd is on vacation with her immortal love, Sebastian Gaulle, when they receive word of a dreadful accident. Her dear friend Gabrielle hovers near death. But it’s much worse for her beloved friends, Eva and Ian. In spite of Eva’s magical abilities, their lives are cut tragically short, leaving Troy the lone survivor.

An immortal choice…
Troy Vasser’s only love is Gabrielle, but on the night of the accident, his deepest concern is for their dying friends. When the life force within Ian and Eva flickered dangerously low, Troy was forced to make a hard choice. He could either let them die, or take away their humanity and make them live as immortals. He did the only thing he could: he gave them immortality. Now it is up to Arielle to break the news to Eva before the transformation is complete.

A quest for vengeance…
Danger continues to stalk Arielle’s life. Unbeknownst to her, her new professor is an immortal, and he is furious when he discovers that Arielle is wearing an amulet that should only be owned by immortals. Sebastian’s nemesis, Annabel, is still pursuing her quest to destroy Arielle. But what Annabel doesn’t realize is that Arielle’s circle of friends has drastically changed. There are two newly minted immortals that adore her and have vowed to protect her.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes (coming soon)

About Lilian Roberts

Lilian Roberts is a MARSocial Author of the Year runner-up. She was born in Athens, Greece. Lilian is an avid reader and loves novels that feature characters draped in passion, mystery, and adventure. She is especially fascinated with the concept of immortality. This interest led to the Immortal Rapture series, which will include eight novels when completed in 2015.

She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, and their golden retrievers. Learn more about Lilian on her website, Find her on Twitter @lilian3roberts.